Registering Your Class with Parser

Ablate uses a factory/parser paradigm that allows you to register that your class if it meets an interface requirement. The cppParser library ( serves as a c++ dependency injection/parsing framework that will dynamically create instances of registered classes. When registering your class you must describe how to build your class (the arguments, their names, and a brief description). Full details about using the library can be found with within the library and a series of macros have been defined to help simplify registering in registrar.hpp.

#include "registrar.hpp"
REGISTER_DEFAULT(ablate::mathFunctions::MathFunction, ablate::mathFunctions::SimpleFormula, "a string based function to be parsed with muparser",
ARG(std::string, "formula", "the formula that may accept x, y, z, t"));

In order to view all registered classes run ablate with the --help command flag.